Lunch Menu


New England Clam Chowder or Soup Du Jour     8.

Caesar Salad     swan size 10.   cygnet size 6.
romane hearts, garlic croutons, parmesan reggiano, caesar dressing

Chopped Salad     swan size 16.   cygnet size 10.
bibb lettuce, avocado, smoked bacon, grape tomatoes, sweet corn, green beans, herb vinaigrette

House Salad     7.
mixed greens, cherry tomato, cucumber, honey balsamic

add to any salad   grilled chicken 7.    grilled shrimp 9.


Quiche Du Jour, mixed greens  13.

Chefs Omelette, mixed greens  12.

Sea Scallops, saffron risotto, lemon, parsley   16.

12 oz. NY Strip Steak, chimichurri, hand-cut fries  18.

Seared Salmon Filet, pineapple relish, mixed greens  16.

Pappardelle bolognese  14.

Grilled cheese  10.

Better than ever 8 oz burger, with hand-cut fries  12.50
add mushrooms 2.      avacado 2.     bacon 3.     onions 2.


Prepared by the good folks of Cassis Bakery in Beverly    9. each

Chocolate Mousse

Boston Creme Cake

Pear and Almond Tart

Carrot Cake